Police Department

Police Department

The Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department serves the Town of Cumberland. Our jurisdiction is within two counties - Marion County and Hancock County. For this reason, we often rely upon the services of your respective county, so please be prepared to provide us with that information when calling to request services from the Department.  If you have a non-emergency issue and need to contact an officer after our front desk is closed, please contact your respective county dispatch-- Marion County:  (317) 327-3811  Hancock County:  (317) 477-1144.


The fundamental mission of the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department is to protect life and property, enforce the law in a fair and impartial manner, preserve the peace, order, and safety of the community we serve, safeguard the constitutional guarantees, and provide other police related services as required by the community in a manner consistent with the values of a free society.
In order to fulfill its mission, the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department will strive to identify, pursue, and apprehend offenders, maintain a proactive patrol attitude in order to reduce the opportunity to commit crime, interact with the citizenry to resolve problems and improve the quality of community life, regulate non-criminal conduct, maintain order, provide miscellaneous police services on a 24 hour basis, and ensure the safe and expeditious movement of vehicular traffic on public roadways. Although a society free from crime and disorder remains an unachievable task, it is the responsibility of the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department to approach that idea as closely as possible by having its members develop a reputation for fairness, civility, and integrity that wins the respect of all citizens.
In order to respond in a professional manner to the challenges set forth in our mission, the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department will create and maintain a quality work and managerial environment that focuses on agency goals and provides for career development for its personnel through training, advancement, and reward for exemplary performance.


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Other useful websites and contacts:

Crime Stoppers – www.crimetips.org

Domestic Violence – http://www.thehotline.org/ or (800) 799-7233

Child Abuse Hotline – http://www.thehotline.org/ or (800) 800-5556

Indy Lost Pet - http://www.indylostpetalert.com/

mycase.in.gov – status or information of your personal cases, traffic ticket history or previous criminal history

Handgun Safety - http://www.projectchildsafe.org/safety/safe-handling#sthash.ILb38YDP.dpuf

Internet Crime Complaint Center - http://www.ic3.gov/

To report drug or crime activity or  Nuisance Abatement 317 894 6208   

Emergencies  911 Marion or Hancock County

Marion County   Non-emergency   317-327-3811

Marion County Jail  317-327-1574

Marion County Prosecutor 317-327-3522

Marion County Animal Control 317-327-1397

Marion County Health Department    317-221-2000

Marion County Dead Animal Pickup 317-327-4622                                                 

Hancock County Animal Control/Dead Animal Pickup 317-477-4367

Hancock County Health Department 317-477-1125

Hancock County Dispatch Non- emergency  317-477 1144

Hancock County Jail     317-477-1158

Hancock County Prosecutor   317-477-1139

Indiana State Dispatch  may be reached through HC or MC dispatch

Garners Cumberland  Vehicle tows  317-823-2228

Cumberland Court  317-894-6216