Cumberland C.A.R.E. Unit

Cumberland C.A.R.E. Unit

CMPD-Seal-Green-RibbonCumberland C.A.R.E. Unit  
The Cumberland Assertive Response & Engagement Unit (C.A.R.E.) integrates the expertise of public safety, physical health, and mental health professionals. The mission of the C.A.R.E. Unit is to support individuals and families in Cumberland to achieve physical and mental wellness through education, triage, and linkage with proper resources.

Most persons who deal with mental illness live in communities where they are at a greater risk of becoming victims of crime. Persons with mental illnesses are also often convicted of violent crimes and have frequent encounters with law enforcement due to misunderstanding in the communities, lack of resources for the individual and law enforcement, as well as improper medical care or medications. 

The CMPD C.A.R.E. Unit's mission is to use this team of Public Safety, Psychical Health, and Mental Health Professionals to provide alternative solutions, in lieu of criminal prosecution, to help everyone enjoy a better, fuller life. We do this by providing professional and dignified responses to individuals in need, while providing more mental health appropriate solutions to help the individual and their families. This takes problem-solving to a community partnership level and are vital to the success of the program. 

With this approach, we can decrease the number of unnecessary criminal enforcement actions of those suffering from mental illness who need mental health treatment over incarceration. This makes our Cumberland Community safer, stronger, and more unified in keeping everyone physically and mentally healthy. 

If you, or a family member, live in Cumberland and are having issues with possibly mentally unstable individuals and would like resources, please reach out to CMPD by phone or Facebook. 

Below are some helpful links and phone numbers:

Cumberland C.A.R.E. Unit Brochure 
NAMI | Indiana
Suicide Prevention Lifeline 
Hancock County | Healthy365

Hancock Mental Health Partners… 317-462-2877
Community Network Behavioral Health... Access Line: 317-621-5719 | 24-hr Crisis Line... 317-621-5700
Hancock Counseling/Psychiatric Services... 317-468-6200
Midtown Mental Health Center… 314-880-8485
Gallahue Mental Health Services... 317-355-3024
National Suicide Prevention Line … 1-800-273-8255
National Domestic Violence Hotline... 800-799-SAFE
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI | Indiana)… 317-257-7517

Indiana Family Helpline... 855-435-7178