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Property Room, Records, & Services

Fee Schedule
Accident Reports - $10 per report
Incident Reports - $.10 per page

*Payments by Credit or Debit Card, Money Order.  NO personal Checks or Cash.

Accident Reports:  If you are in an accident and the report was taken by a Cumberland police officer, a copy of your accident report can be obtained three to five days after the date of the incident from the Cumberland Police Department. You can also obtain a copy of your report from for a nominal fee 24/7.

Traffic Tickets
To pay for a Traffic Ticket issued by a Cumberland Police Officer in the Cumberland Town Court, please call (317) 894-3525 to schedule an appointment. 

Vehicle Tow Releases:  Vehicle releases for vehicles that are towed by the Cumberland Police Department can be obtained Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 3:00pm. Please call (317) 894-3525 to schedule an appointment. Requirements for Vehicle Release: Owner of the vehicle, valid driver with driver’s license, current vehicle registration, proof of insurance. 

Property Room Retrieval: To retrieve personal items from the Cumberland Police Property Room, please call (317) 894-3525 to schedule an appointment. ITEMS CAN ONLY BE RETRIEVED WITH AN APPOINTMENT SCHEDULED.