Patrol Division
The Patrol Division of the Cumberland Metropolitan Police Department provides police services 24/7/365 in the Town of Cumberland. The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls for service, handling domestic disputes, filing initial reports, checking businesses, patrolling neighborhoods, while serving and protecting on the front lines. The Patrol Division includes a motorcycle for traffic enforcement and bike patrol units for various events.

Currently, CMPD has thirteen (13) Sworn Full-Time Police Officers assigned to the Patrol Division.

Criminal Investigations Division (C.I.D.)
After the initial investigation by a patrol officer, a case may be assigned to a detective. The Criminal Investigations Division is responsible for the follow-up investigations of crimes such as crimes against persons or property, fraud and financial crimes, shoplifting, auto theft, juvenile crime, elder abuse, domestic violence, child abuse and all violent crimes against persons.

Currently, CMPD has one (1) Sworn Full-Time Police Officer assigned to the Criminal Investigations Division who handles all criminal investigations for CMPD.  CMPD also employees one (1) Civilian Criminal Analyst who assists the detective and administrations divisions. 
Administration Division
The Administration Division is primarily responsible for functions that relate to the overall operation of the Police Department. Administrative activities include personnel management, training of officers, property & evidence management, department development, management of accreditations, and more.

Currently, the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police make up the Administration Division with one (1) Civilian Administrative Assistant who aids the Chief of Police and Assistant Chief of Police.
Reserve Volunteer Division
The Reserve Volunteer Division consists of unpaid volunteers who have completed the Cumberland Police Reserve Training Academy and have full police powers. Reserve Officers patrol the streets of Cumberland the same as full-time Sworn Officers and add additional man power to help serve Cumberland better. 

Currently, CMPD has two (2) Reserve Volunteer Police Officers who work Patrol and three (3) Reserve Volunteers who hold other assisting duties.