Explore Cumberland's growing network of trails, where the serenity of nature awaits you at every turn. Whether you're a hiker, cyclist, or nature enthusiast, our trails offer a peaceful escape and an opportunity to explore the great outdoors. To get involved in a trail group contact the Friends of Cumberland Trails or Pennsy Trails of Hancock County.

When using the trail always mind your pets, stay alert, follow trail hours from dawn to dusk, avoid littering, ride two across, and always be considerate. To view the trail rules click here. When riding your bicycle, remember these key tips: Use safe speeds, keep right and pass left, stand aside when stationary, know and follow the rules, share the trail, and ride single file. Enjoy your ride! To view a map of Cumberland Trails click here


Pennsy Trail
Pennsy Trail BridgeAccess Points:
  1. 11800 Warehouse Rd.
  2. S. 700 W.
  3. CR. 600 W.
Opened in 2010, the Cumberland Pennsy Trail is a treasure in our town, preserving the rich legacy of the Pennsylvania Railroad corridor while offering endless opportunities for walking and biking. This Trail is part of the National Road Heritage Trail, the path once traveled by the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln en route to Indianapolis. You will also find that the Pennsy Trail has a scale Solar System Model, providing an incredible learning experience.

The Pennsy Trail stretches from S. Ritter Ave. in Irvington through Cumberland to 400 W. and then continues again near Greenfield with over 14 miles of trails.
Buck Creek Trail
Buck Creek TrailTrailhead: 301 N. Buck Creek Rd.

The Buck Creek Trail is a picturesque three-mile multi-purpose trail running alongside Buck Creek.  Completed in 2018, the Trail connects most Cumberland neighborhoods, the Cumberland Pennsy Trail, US HWY 40, Buck Creek Road, and 21st Street. Meandering beside the serene waters of Buck Creek, the trail invites you to appreciate nature's beauty. Don't miss the stunning mural under U.S. 40 by the talented Koda Witsken. Whether biking, jogging, or strolling, the Buck Creek Trail offers an idyllic escape for all.