2020 Curbside Leaf Pick-Up

2020 Curbside Leaf Pick-Up

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2020 Curbside Leaf Pick-Up
The Town of Cumberland will once again provide curbside leaf pick-up throughout the Town. This service is intended to make it more convenient for Town residents to dispose of leaves in an environmentally friendly manner. All leaves collected by the Town are composted and will be available for use by residents next summer.

At the current time, we expect the 2020 Leaf Pick-Up Program to begin on Monday, October 19th and end on Friday, December 11th, however, at that time a survey of the leaf situation will determine if the schedule will be extended.

In order to make sure that the Town’s leaf vacuum is not damaged, it is very important that no limbs, brush, rocks or other debris be mixed in with your leaves. If such material is present, the Town will not pick-up the leaves at that location.

The Federal Clean Water Act has changed the way the Town must manage the Town’s Storm Water Sewer system. Under the Federal Clean Water Act you are prohibited from raking leaves into the street where they impact the Storm Sewer System and the Town is responsible for enforcement of this provision.

This is why the leaves in front of your property may not be picked up until they are removed from the street if you have street drainage or Swales if you have ditch drainage. If the leaves are not removed from the drainage area you may be subject to additional penalties, including a fine.

As in the past, leaves should be raked into a row at the edge of the road so that our leaf vacuum can reach the leaves. Leaves that cannot be reached will not be picked up that week.

Our 2020 Leaf Pick-Up schedule is provided below:






Oak Blvd. N.

Oak Blvd. S.

Oak Blvd. W.

Oak Ct.

Maple Ct.

Beachwood Ln.

C.R. 700 – Town     Sections

Woodland West

Woodland East

Hickory Dr, Ln, Ct.

Mt. Comfort Rd. – Town Sections

Cumberland Heights

Valley Brook Farms

Valley Brook Village

Autumn Woods

Cobblefield Estates

Buck Creek Road

Cumberland Village

Gale Crest

10th Street

Any areas left from    Wednesday

Cumberland Proper

Washington Cove


Glen Oaks Village

U.S. 40 - Town residents 

In the event of inclement weather, equipment breakdown or other situations beyond our control, leaf pick-up will remain on schedule by day of week and area to be serviced. As time allows, we will attempt to go back and service those areas that may have been missed on regularly scheduled days.

Please contact (317) 894-6213 if you have questions or concerns about the leaf pick-up.