Elected Officials

In Cumberland, Indiana, the Town Council and Clerk-Treasurer are key to the town's governance and administration. The following paragraphs outline their distinct roles and responsibilities in maintaining and enhancing the community. Click on the buttons below to meet your elected officials.
Town Council Members The town council serves as the legislative body responsible for enacting local ordinances, approving the town's budget, overseeing public services and infrastructure, and managing community development. The council ensures efficient use of taxpayer funds, represents residents' interests, and maintains transparency through public meetings. By planning for sustainable growth and appointing members to various boards and committees, the town council plays a vital role in promoting the well-being and orderly development of Cumberland.

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Clerk-TreasurerThe Clerk-Treasurer plays a crucial role in managing the town's finances and administrative functions. This office is responsible for maintaining financial records, preparing the town's budget, collecting taxes, and ensuring proper expenditure of funds. Additionally, the clerk-treasurer oversees payroll, handles accounts payable and receivable, and keeps official town documents. By ensuring financial transparency and accuracy, the Clerk-Treasurer supports the town council and helps maintain the efficient operation of Cumberland's government.

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