Clerk Treasurer

Clerk-Treasurer ResponsibilitiesThe Clerk-Treasurer serves as the fiscal officer and administrative head for the town. They are responsible for managing the town's finances, records, and administrative operations. 

Financial Management
The Clerk-Treasurer is responsible for managing the town's money. They receive and take care of all the money that comes into the town and pay it out according to what the Town Council decides.

Record Keeping
They keep track of all the money that comes in and goes out of the town. This helps make sure that everything is done correctly and transparently.

The Clerk-Treasurer helps prepare the town's budget. This includes estimating how much money the town will make from different sources and planning how that money will be spent.

They issue licenses for various things, like businesses, and collect the fees that go with them.

Meeting Responsibilities
The Clerk-Treasurer attends all the meetings of the Town Council and keeps a record of what happens during those meetings.

Public Records
They manage requests from the public for access to official town records, making sure that these requests are handled properly and promptly.

Other Duties
The Clerk-Treasurer also has other important duties, such as appointing employees and making sure that all legal requirements are met when paying bills and handling town money.