Town Administration

About the Town Manager Our Town Manager, as outlined by IN Code § 36-5-5-8 (2023), serves as the administrative leader under the direction of the town legislative body. Their responsibilities include:

1. Attending legislative body meetings and offering recommendations on advisable actions.
2. Hiring town employees according to established pay schedules and standards.
3. Exercising the authority to suspend, discharge, remove, or transfer town employees for the welfare of the town.
4. Delegating managerial powers to employees under their supervision.
5. Administering and enforcing all ordinances, orders, and resolutions enacted by the legislative body.
6. Ensuring faithful administration of all statutes mandated to be overseen by the legislative body or a town officer under its control.
7. Preparing budget estimates and presenting them to the legislative body as required.
8. Executing contracts on behalf of the town for materials, supplies, services, or improvements, following statutory requirements for appropriations, notice, and competitive bidding.
9. Accepting service of summons on behalf of the town.

In essence, our Town Manager plays a pivotal role in the efficient functioning of our municipality, ensuring adherence to regulations, sound financial management, and effective administration of town affairs.