Cumberland Metro. Police Dept.We are the law enforcement agency serving the Town of Cumberland, located in both Marion and Hancock counties. Our primary focus is to ensure public safety, prevent crime, and respond promptly to any incidents within our community. Our team is dedicated to providing exceptional service to the residents of Cumberland, emphasizing community partnerships and collaborative policing.
Working Together for a safer community 

At CMPD, we believe in engaging with the community to foster valuable partnerships that help maintain safety and improve the quality of life for everyone in Cumberland. We value the support we receive daily from our residents and strive to be a professional and accessible police department for Central Indiana.

Our MissionThe CMPD's mission is to protect life and property, enforce the law fairly and impartially, and maintain peace and order within the community. We are committed to upholding constitutional rights while providing various police-related services to ensure a safer town for all.
To achieve this mission, we:

  • Pursue and apprehend offenders
  • Maintain proactive patrols to deter crime
  • Interact with citizens to resolve issues and enhance community life
  • Offer 24-hour police services
  • Ensure the safe flow of traffic on public roads

 While a crime-free society may be an ideal, we aim to come as close as possible through our commitment to fairness, civility, and integrity.

Our Commitment to ExcellenceTo meet the challenges outlined in our mission, CMPD fosters a work environment that encourages personal and career growth through training, advancement, and recognition of outstanding performance. Our goal is to build a team that embodies professionalism and earns the respect of our community. We appreciate your support and look forward to serving you.

How to Contact UsOur jurisdiction spans across two counties, so it's important to know which county you reside in when reaching out for assistance. If you have a non-emergency issue and need to contact an officer after hours, please use the following numbers:

  • Marion County Dispatch: (317) 327-3811
  • Hancock County Dispatch: (317) 477-1144

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